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Get Expertise from Leading Scientists

Make smarter decisions and move faster with our global network of scientists

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Our skilled scientists will give you the edge

We take pride in matching you to skilled scientists, who are leaders in their field, to help your organization succeed 

Investment Evaluation & Diligence

We work with banks, PE and VC funds to evaluate and diligence fundamental scientific hypotheses and technologies, and assess transaction feasibility and valuation ranges

Advisory Board Placements

We help startups and accelerators recruit skilled scientists to their board or advisory board, to drive new insights and increase likelihood of success

Science Acceleration and Go-to-Market

Our scientists work with startups and accelerators to increase the speed of innovation, go-to-market timing, and mitigate product risk

Science Training & Workshops

We help accelerate learning through practical workshops and training from leading scientists

Experts across the Spectrum.

We carefully select leading scientists in their field at various careers stages, including:

  • Computational (in silico) biologists

  • Experimental (hands-on) biologists

  • Industry scale-up experts

  • Systems and cellular neuroscience

  • Stem cell biology

  • Imaging and optical tools

  • Cardiology

  • Genetics and synthetic biology

  • Microbiology

  • Biomedical engineering 

  • Machine learning experts

  • Economics

  • Data science

A Team to Help you Succeed


Years of Experience


Academic Partners



Scientists from:

Meticulous Science.
Unbiased and Objective.

SciKick has a team of trained scientists that provide guidance to our clients on finding the right expert from our large pool of scientists.


Once a good fit is established, we can offer support with a well-defined process, ensuring the expert has proper clearance from an academic institution (if applicable). 

 Access talent flexibly

  • By the hour

  • Part-time secondments

  • Full-time positions

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