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Our Mission

It’s no secret that scientists in academic settings are often underpaid, and that companies struggle to find the right talent at the right time. 

Scikick's mission is to provide our clients with access to the pool of talented scientists open to new challenges.


Our clients seek a range of solutions: For a start-up, this may include a synthetic biologist assisting with mass-spectrometry, conducting a long-read DNA sequencing analysis, or writing a machine-learning algorithm that selects candidate genes for an uncured disease. For an investment bank, balanced science expertise can guide decision-making and valuation for a biotech company.


The right advice at the right time can come from diverse sources: One expert might be a brilliant graduate student, and another, an experienced scientist with wide-view insights for solving complex projects.




Israeli Ran has been working in life sciences for over two decades. He holds an academic position at the NYU Neuroscience Institute and manages several research projects related to modulation of brain circuits in the healthy and diseased brain. Israeli also supports the NYU Endless Frontiers Lab – a mentorship program for startups run by NYU Stern School of Business and consults to Oppenheimer & Co. He holds a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of British Columbia.


Marc Herson is a VC investor, leadership coach and operator. He has had roles at Sony, Softbank, Harvard Business School and Investec Bank, and leads Harvest, a venture capital fund for Endeavor South Africa. He started his career as an attorney, is a certified coach and mediator, and holds an MBA from INSEAD.



Prof. Ed Ziff is an NYU biochemistry professor and a world expert in synaptic regulation. His worked help elucidate the molecular mechanisms regulating glutamate receptors. Prof. Ziff has mentored many leading scientist who hold senior academic and industry positions.

Julie Diamond, PhD was the associate director of NYU Endless Frontier labs and is presently leads a senior position in a startup in stealth mode. 


Erez Shor, PhD - is the CEO of Exero, a startup developing a life-saving sensor for detection and prevention of inflammation during surgical procedures. Exero’s innovation has obtained FDA breakthrough designation.

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