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Kickstart your projects with the right scientists

We're a collective of scientists, working to help you make smarter decisions and move faster

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Our skilled scientists give you the edge

We take pride in matching you to skilled scientists to help your organization succeed 


We help startups accelerate innovation/ GTM and reduce product risk

IP Validation

We help clients assess IP/ patent creation and/or  infringements


We assist VCs/ fund managers evaluate opportunities in healthcare, climate, AI, web3 and life sciences


We provide learning through workshops and training 

Scientists with deep domain expertise

Scientists' expertise include:

  • Computational (in silico) biology

  • Process scale-up (e.g. bioreactors)

  • Systems and cellular neuroscience

  • Stem cell biology

  • Bio-imaging

  • Genetics and synthetic biology

  • Biomedical engineering 

  • AI/ Machine learning

  • Web3/crypto

Our Scientist Collective is focused on solving some of the planet's most pressing problems, from healthcare to climate change. Join our mission.

Meticulous Science.
Deep Integrity.

As scientists ourselves, we have a deep understanding of our clients' needs.

We follow a well-defined project plan and supervised process, while matching your project to the right expertise from our Scientist Collective. 


Access expertise flexibly:

  • Project-based

  • Hourly

  • Full-time 

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